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Tahaluf offers comprehensive QA services for software products across various industries. They provide customized testing solutions, including functional, non-functional, security, performance, and integration testing. Their expertise also extends to emerging technologies like IoT. With a focus on high-quality services and customer support, Tahaluf empowers clients to release software that exceeds expectations.

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Software QA Consulting

Tahaluf, in software QA consulting field, possesses the skills and knowledge required to provide effective assistance to companies struggling with QA issues. Our team of QA experts can review existing QA processes and optimize them for a specific product, project, or entire organization. We help ensure that quality is maintained throughout each stage of the software development life cycle by identifying problems and reshaping project processes to meet the highest standards

Software Testing and QA Outsourcing

Tahaluf offers a comprehensive suite of QA and testing services to assist our clients in delivering reliable, robust, secure, and user-friendly software. We possess a deep comprehension of the DevOps culture, CI/CD methodology, automated testing frameworks, and proficiency in implementing the SCRUM framework.

Managed Testing Services

Tahaluf offers Managed testing services as an approach of outsourcing the software testing responsibilities and functions, to enhance operations and reduce costs.

Software Quality Audit and Assessment

Tahaluf's experts can evaluate the quality of an IT solution from various perspectives, such as reviewing the complete or partial code to ensure it adheres to widely-accepted coding standards and assessing its functionality, performance, security, and usability. Additionally, we conduct a software quality audit to ensure your software conforms to standards and regulations. We provide a report that identifies any issues impacting your solution's quality and provide recommendations for improvement.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Implementing and Consulting

Tahaluf provides implementation and consulting services to facilitate the adoption of ALM tools that promote the delivery of top-notch applications, well-defined processes, and overall optimization.

Building Test Environment Consulting

Tahaluf is not only proficient in software testing but also excels in quality assurance and architecture. We possess the capability to build testing environments, both physical and virtual, that cater to the diverse needs of software testing types and levels. Upon analyzing the client's requirements and infrastructure, we provide consultation and implementation for virtual and physical environments.

Automation Testing Services

Tahaluf offers implementation and consulting services for automation testing to facilitate Regression Testing, Functional Testing, Sanity Testing, and Repetitive Testing, among other purposes. Our automation test frameworks are based on any automation testing tools you might be using such as Selenium, UFT, RFT, Test Complete, Katalon, and Appium, to create a standardized automation test architecture for your applications.

Tahaluf Testing Robot (TTR) Automation Testing Framework

TTR is an innovative Automation Testing Framework that simplifies the creation of automated tests. Testers can easily build test scripts using predefined business commands without coding expertise, streamlining the automation process and enhancing test efficiency. TTR is flexible and suitable for a wide range of testing scenarios, making it easy to create and maintain automated test cases.

Functional Software Testing Services

Tahaluf provides functional testing services to ensure software products meet their functional requirements. Our comprehensive analysis compares expected behavior with actual performance, identifying discrepancies and enabling clients to deliver products that meet their requirements.

Mobile Application Testing Services

Tahaluf offers comprehensive software testing services for mobile platforms, including native, hybrid, and web-based apps in both real and simulated environments. We cover all testing types and aspects such as functionality, usability, security, and performance to ensure industry standard compliance. Our approach enables clients to deliver high-quality software products that meet the diverse needs of their end users.

Performance Testing Services

Tahaluf supports non-functional requirements, such as performance, tailored to the client's needs and existing infrastructure. We use a range of tools to conduct performance testing, such as (LoadRunner, JMeter, RPT, VS Performance and more), ensuring software products meet desired levels for both web and mobile applications. Our thorough evaluation covers various performance factors, providing clients with a detailed performance analysis report.

Security Testing Services

Tahaluf values security and provides Cyber Security testing services to safeguard businesses from cyber-attacks. Our services cover vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and security code reviews to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses. We enable clients to proactively mitigate security risks and protect their assets.

Integration Testing services

Tahaluf has extensive experience in testing scalable and complex applications, including integration testing to ensure interoperability between various components and applications. Our services encompass testing separate and integrated components, such as Payment Gateways, Security Frameworks, Workflow and Business Rules Engines, and third-party entities integration. Our thorough approach identifies and resolves any interoperability issues, ensuring seamless communication.

IoT Testing Services

Tahaluf's testing strategies for IoT solutions ensure our clients' unique requirements are met for industrial and consumer applications. Our tailored approach encompasses both hardware and software components, rigorously testing devices, networks, and platforms for reliability, security, and performance. We identify and resolve issues impacting the overall functionality and effectiveness of IoT systems.

Usability Testing and UX Lab

Our UX team uses proven methodologies to optimize the visual design, information architecture, workflows, and user journeys of software products, ensuring compliance and a seamless user experience. We also have an in-house UX lab equipped with the latest technologies for usability testing, enabling us to gain valuable insights and identify areas for improvement. This helps us ensure that the software product meets the end users needs and expectations.