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About Smart Patrol

Within the active role of many police agencies and law enforcement in maintaining the public safety of community members by applying strict regulations that reduce the proportion of accidents and crimes, thereby contributing to the creation of a secure and stable society. As a result, in line with these efforts’ vision and strategy, based on AI and machine learning techniques, Tahaluf developed and designed the most advanced solution in the market for integrated intelligence and surveillance, all in a single design that converts traditional police vehicles to smart security vehicles. The mechanism of this smart patrol is to identify vehicles by providing them with surveillance cameras that integrate a range of license plate recognition (LPR), face recognition, and many other high-quality features and specifications that aim to solve security and traffic issues.

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Why Smart Patrol Is Your Smart Decision?

We at Tahaluf, are aware that our client’s needs and requirements are a reality we must meet to attain the highest levels of satisfaction and excellence in achieving their goals with passion. As a result, we rely on the expertise and skills in product development that contributes to our client’s growth and advancement. The successful and effective implementation of the smart patrol system was carried out by our engineers. The effective use and implementation of the smart patrol system by many police and law enforcement agencies, aims to enhance traffic management and traffic safety, improve the quality of police work, and achieve the highest levels of security and safety.

More specifically, they were able to:

Achieve Sustainable Security

Through a smart automated system that enhances policing procedures in line with police strategic objectives.

Enhance Response Time Speed

Improve police performance by empowering security personnel with AI technologies and tools that proactively analyze events, ensuring rapid response to emergencies.

Consolidating Security Forces

A smart security system for police vehicles with many features and capabilities enhances the leading position of the police.

Advanced technologies of radars and surveillance cameras that monitor drivers' infractions such as non-seatbelt, excess speed, smartphone, and control of vehicles expired and required as well as the seizure of wanted persons.

Smart Lightbar with a sleek, aerodynamic design made of ruggedized fiberglass and suitable for different models and sizes of police cars to withstand different weather conditions.

Notifications and alerts to monitor human crowds and unfamiliar gatherings.

Sensors and face recognition and license plate recognition to identify and find human faces in real-time.

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