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About In Case of Emergency

In light of exceptional and sudden events sweeping the world, such as crises, natural disasters, or pandemics, each country’s primary objective remains security, stability, and ensuring the security of society. In line with a secure and healthy community whose members are fully protected, we at Tahaluf, with our ongoing efforts to provide exceptional services to maximize security and stability, have developed smart solutions capable of coping with these daring circumstances through the design of the In Case of Emergency App, which is a customized and prepared system ready to deal with accidents and emergencies that the user may face by sending alerts to emergency departments when there is a possible risk of an emergency. This system uses GPS to determine the user’s real-time location, and in case of an emergency, the system automatically calls for assistance from other users. Furthermore, the app stores all of the user’s health information with the capability of awareness-raising and education about health and security, as well as announcing crises that pose a risk to users in the geographical area in which they are located.

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Why In Case of Emergency Is Your Smart Decision?

We at Tahaluf, are aware that our client’s needs and requirements are a reality we must meet to attain the highest levels of satisfaction and excellence in achieving their goals with passion. As a result, we rely on the expertise and skills in product development that contributes to our client’s growth and advancement. The successful and effective implementation of our Emergency System was carried out by our engineers. The utilization of this system by police stations and emergency and rescue agencies aided said authorities achieve the highest levels of security, safety and the preserving of lives.

More specifically, they were able to:

Raise User Happiness Rates

Enhancing individual and societal security through monitoring crises and disasters and lowering the risks that emerge from them by rapid response and prompt reporting of where they occur.

Enhance the Response Time

SOS button will connect with the authorities immediately, which makes the response process more efficient and fast.

Increasing Community Awareness of Disasters & Crises

Polls and surveys relating to information regarding different disaster categories and developing emergency plans in accordance with global standards and international commitments.

An integrated and comprehensive electronic application characterized by quality and speed in performance with flexible integration with other operating systems.

Quick access to important patient information such as the substances that cause allergies, health conditions, and the medications user receives.

visual and audio connectivity to emergency teams and operating rooms, as well as providing emergency agencies with essential information such as user identification, and emergency case details.

Notifications and alerts to keep users updated about dangerous weather conditions, such as incoming storms or hurricanes, as well as when the danger phase ends and where to stay safe.

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