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About FamilyEye 365

Family safety is an important topic that concerns parents, but with the availability of advanced technology and smart devices, it is possible to track and locate family members, thereby increasing parents’ reassurance and alleviating anxiety and stress about the safety of family members. As a result of constant concern to ensure the safety and security of households, we at Tahaluf have launched FamilyEye 365, a system that locates family members by tracking them in real-time using GPS, allowing the user to create a family network of family members to be tracked, notifying the parents of each family member’s whereabouts. In addition, FamilyEye 365 directs notification to the parents of the departure of family members from the area or the place they have been identified.

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Why FamilyEye 365 Is Your Smart Decision?

We at Tahaluf, are aware that our client’s needs and requirements are a reality we must meet to attain the highest levels of satisfaction and excellence in achieving their goals with passion. As a result, we rely on the expertise and skills in product development that contributes to our client’s growth and advancement. The successful and effective implementation of FamilyEye 365 was carried out by our engineers, they have made sure that FamilyEye 365 is the optimal choice for family tracking and achieving family security and stability.

More specifically, they were able to:

Enhancing Family Security & Safety

Ensure the safety of family members by keeping them in constant contact in real time.

Raise Family Member's Happiness Rates

A smart app that connects family members with each other enhances parents' ability to monitor their children's daily activities.

Secure Data Protection

An app that protects user information and maintains data privacy by encrypting it, so you don't have to worry as users' information is not shared with any other party.

Track and monitor the movements of family members through a map that displays the record to ensure that your children are in pre-defined geographical areas.

The Emergency SOS will send a distress call to emergency numbers that are identified by the app as family members or friends who have requested help.

Flexible navigation where any family member on the map can be easily moved by clicking on their image - without having to specify or enter their address.

Monitor the vital indicators of smart devices such as (charging ratio, movement condition, speed, and temperature).

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