Law Enforcement Platform

A Unified Security Platform to Enhance the Security System!

About Law Enforcement Platform

Security and stability are considered to be top priorities matters for governments all around the world, and In an era of smart development, many countries strive to improve the quality of security services by providing said services in smart ways in line with their governments’ strategy; “ensuring the safety, security, and property of society.” As a result, by leveraging some of the most important developments in modern security sciences and advanced software techniques and combining them to help security institutions, police, and courts to develop their criminal justice systems; Tahaluf has launched the Criminal Investigation Platform, a comprehensive and integrated platform that supports the successful and effective digital and security transformation of criminal justice systems. This system integrates the platform’s parties to enhance and create joint procedures; as well as deliver more innovative services, which will aid in the improvement and streamlining of government security and judicial processes as well as raising customer satisfaction.

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Why Law Enforcement Platform Is Your Smart Decision?

We at Tahaluf, are aware that our client’s needs and requirements are a reality we must meet to attain the highest levels of satisfaction and excellence in achieving their goals with passion. As a result, we rely on the expertise and skills in product development that contributes to our client’s growth and advancement. The successful and effective implementation of the Law Enforcement Platform was carried out by our engineers. This assists police stations and judicial authorities in reaching peak security sustainability.

More specifically, they were able to:

Increase the Efficiency of the Police Services

A smart security platform with many advanced interactive functions that increase indicators of improved police and judicial performance and enables authorities to easily do tasks effectively.

Enhance Digital Transformation Journey

Automate all security and police services to become an integrated and comprehensive package within one platform.

Enhance Cooperation and Coordination

Exchange of security information and reports through unified communication channels that support decision-making processes.

Optimal Resource Utilization

Improve organizational resources and invest them properly to achieve the best positive outcomes in the provision of police services.

Raise User Happiness Rates

Flexible process for submitting applications in a way that reduces distances, time, and effort.

Manage the entire life cycle of police reports and process and distribute them to the competent authorities in an electronic manner.

Managing the entire life cycle of cases including court rules, orders, and decisions of the Attorney-General contributing to the service of other systems and units associated with the case system.

Managing the prisoner's life cycle from arrest to rehabilitation, deportation, and release.

Managing special activities at the crime scene by entering the details of the crime scene visit, appointing team members, recording the evidence data generated, and handling requests for storage and examination of evidence.

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