Integrated Management System Policy Statement

Tahaluf Al Emarat Technical Solutions LLC (Tahaluf) offers a set of technical solutions specialized in security, safety, software development and implements technical solutions based on big data and AI in UAE.

TAHALUF is committed towards customer satisfaction, continuity of business operations, service delivery, securing the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of customers and companies’ information, data, intellectual properties, information assets and imbibed those as fundamental principles for the successful business operation of TAHALUF.

TAHALUF has implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) addressing the Information Security, Business Continuity and Quality of Services requirements and controls through its Policies, Processes and Procedures aligned to ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 22301:2019 and ISO 9001:2015 requirements : Integrated management system addresses the following :

  • Effectively manage the Governance and Quality of its services, operations and delivery and associated risks,

  • Effectively manage all information security risks resulting out of vulnerabilities and threats to information assets.

  • Effectively Manage Business Continuity controls to minimize business disruptions which are tested to address the organization’s business continuity risks.

The management of TAHALUF ensures that the Integrated Management System cover the following:

  • Regulatory, legislative and all relevant interested parties’ requirements are met.

  • The confidentiality of information is protected and prevent disclosure of valuable or sensitive information from threats that could potentially disrupt business continuity.

  • The integrity of information is maintained to ensure its accuracy and completeness.

  • The availability of information is maintained to meet business needs and client’s requirements.

  • Business continuity plans are developed, maintained, and tested in accordance with the Business strategy.

  • Information security awareness is provided to all employees.

  • Incident management process is established and implemented to ensure that all breaches of information security, actual or suspected are reported and investigated.

  • Risks are mitigated to an acceptable level through a risk management framework.

  • The Information Security, Quality and Business continuity management systems are continually improved.

  • Appropriate resources are allocated in order to establish, implement, operate and review an effective Management Systems

  • All relevant and related stakeholders are responsible for implementation of respective policies and procedures within their area of operation and oversee adherence by their team members.

  • Satisfy all requirements related to stake holders of the Quality of the Services provided.

  • Providing the framework for setting of Objectives and planning to achieve Integrated Management system objectives.

  • Ensuring On-time, On Budget and Defect Free delivery every time

  • Realizing High customer satisfaction every time

  • Identifying and Implementation best in class technology solutions which are relevant to requirements of our existing and future clients.

  • Empower and develop partnership with our clients by building capability, efficiency.

  • Building high performance teams and work environment for solution and service delivery to exceed customer expectations.


TAHALUF management acknowledges the need of continual improvement and has introduced various methods to ensure that effectiveness and continual improvement of the processes are achieved.

TAHALUF shall follow a formal disciplinary process as per the Code of Ethics Policy for employees who have allegedly violated the IMS policies and procedures.

TAHALUF shall ensure that the review of its IMS Policy is performed at least on an annual basis or when significant changes occur to ensure suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of the IMS framework.