Making it Easy: New Era With Tahaluf Products

Published on | March 15, 2023

Making it Easy: New Era with Tahaluf Products

If you think that the only difference between standard businesses and digital businesses is the place, then you should enrich your thoughts with this blog, entering the digital world is not that easy! having an online business becomes more and more difficult, in the virtual domain there are a lot of challenges that should be handled, starting from a deep understanding of your existence, to creating a strong identity that customers trust. Making it easy? That’s what Tahaluf exists for, we offer you today a few steps and powerful tools to start your digital business successfully, Tahaluf develops modern and advanced IT solutions to keep businesses at the forefront of the future.
‘A long journey needs a trusted partner to take care of your business smoothly and professionally.’

Overview: Digital Businesses

Digital Business refers to transforming ideas into businesses on the internet without investing in physical spaces, which means a comprehensive system online enables users to buy services and products you offer without limitations. If you perform a search about digital businesses, you will find hundreds of blogs that share knowledge about it and a clear variance in opinions about the possibility of starting a digital business. It's related to multiple reasons such as the size of the work to be designed and launched, the capabilities, and skills of the owners and working team, Also, the ability to keep abreast of rapid developments and respond to the needs of customers in a way that guarantees agility of work and maintains the regularity and stability of internal operations.

There are two types of digital businesses:

  1. Standard businesses that are either partially or completely digitized.
  2. Digital businesses that start from scratch.
In both types, there are multiple benefits of adopting the concept of digitization for business. Business owners are aware of these benefits and the return of adopting them within their practices.

Benefits of Digital Businesses

There’s no denying that being your own boss is totally difficult and responsible. But at the same time, the difficulty of this idea fades in front of the enormous advantages that the digital world offers you. Simply we can summarize the benefits of digital business as follows:
  1. Opportunity to grow and Expand.
  2. Flexible and remote working style.
  3. Easy access to customers.
  4. Reduce Cost.
  5. Save up time.
  6. Increase effectiveness and efficiency.
All of this makes the digital environment a favorable choice, but these bright benefits need a strong infrastructure to achieve, so what are the digital business requirements?

Digital Business Requirements

Digital and traditional businesses take risks and can reap considerable rewards as a result. Developing a loyal customer base is essential for promoting brand awareness compared to traditional methods in marketing, both businesses can create loyal fans by continuously exceeding customer expectations. Digital business requires all the hustle of a traditional business, but with the additional possibility of maintaining a larger client base. This is also a result of continually updating and adding to a digital front. To build a strong digital business you need:
  1. Strong Technological infrastructure to build your systems.
  2. Secure your Data with high-quality tools.
  3. Offer a strong internal operating system.
  4. Guarantee Business Continuity and Infrastructure Sustainability.
  5. Offer a comprehensive integration with other systems.
Many details fall under these requirements, starting from paying attention to small details, and this is what Tahaluf products offer!

Tahaluf Products

Tahaluf seeks to implement a global expansion of its products, as a result of the high efforts and expertise exerted in developing and designing them. Tahaluf today offers a complete system to start your business successfully through a set of solutions that work to keep you at the forefront and to gain the first-mover advantages in your sector. The summary of the following digital products is only a starting point to enable you to know the first steps to start and how you can achieve the requirements of digital business to reach advanced stages in your business:

Maestro Blocks

Maestro Blocks is a Low code No code platform that enables users to design, develop, and launch their business easily in the digital world, it helps to create a full functions applications, and websites through the visual workflow using drag and drop tools without coding, with a large number of interactive interfaces and templates ready to use. Maestro Blocks refers to a Free-code approach that enables citizen developers to create their business without previous knowledge of IT skills and coding languages, using Maestro blocks saves time and cost, increases your efficiency, and speeds up your entry to the market, which leads to the high possibility to expand your business in record time.


Building systems require guarantees for the continuity and stability of their work, otherwise, they can cause your business to stop or freeze, which will negatively affect your productivity. It is essential to ensure the stability of the infrastructure and technical systems at all times. The most effective and efficient way to maintain the continuity of our services and business is to use "Monitara". Through the use of Monitara, applications, network performance, servers, and infrastructure are monitored in a timely manner by identifying and diagnosing technical problems and failures, thus ensuring that you meet the requirements of the basic working environment and the success of business continuity.


You cannot bypass security and privacy when it comes to a digital business. Preserving the confidentiality of data and access permissions for employees is an important internal issue, and facilitating registration processes and protecting customers from hacking attempts is an external issue equally important! OnePass offers you an identity provider system, which is responsible for managing and authenticating user identities. This can include verifying user credentials, such as a username and password, and providing access to various resources and services. Also, OnePass offers Single Sign On (SSO) to allow the user to authenticate with a single set of credentials to access multiple applications, which enhances their experience and reduces their need to remember passwords to applications they used.

Enterprise Resource Planning

The existence of interconnected and strong internal systems clearly affects the effectiveness of employees, their productivity, and their satisfaction with a clear and organized operational system. Tahaluf offers a full range of ERP applications, considered a key tool for consolidating management and operational processes in the organization while integrating several parts of the organization's business across multiple divisions through automating daily tasks and revealing the organization's resources and operations, with the aim of reducing business costs, increasing operational efficiency, improving and enhancing enterprises' performance overall, and responding to market changes in domestic and international markets.

AMWAL Payment Gateway

Many do not distinguish between luxury and essentials today in the business world. Some consider that the presence of a site to display products is sufficient space to prove its existence digitally, but the right is the completion of complete sales and ordering processes through the digital world, and because electronic payment today has become one of the most important requirements in sites and applications, Tahaluf launched Amwali, a unified, secure, and integrated gateway that allows companies to accept payments online easily. From anywhere and at any time, users can provide easy-to-use online payment services with high safety.

New Era with Tahaluf Products

Simply, adopting Tahaluf solutions guarantees you a special experience! This is because Tahaluf doesn’t provide you with solutions and leaves you, but rather Tahaluf shares the journey with you from beginnings to stability and then growth, and this is how the creative journey continues. The solutions offered by Tahaluf guarantee a new era of excellence, simplicity, and high quality, due to the strength of our team and their experiences. Tahaluf also works within its strategic plans to develop integrated and interconnected solutions that take care of all the details, whether on the internal level related to systems, operations, and employees or on an external level, it cares about customers and ensuring the best user experience for them.