HSE & Business Continuity Compliance

HSE & Business Continuity Compliance

1. The Supplier acknowledges that there is a direct relationship between the Suppliers health, safety and environmental performance and the success of the Company’s business.

2. The Supplier agrees to comply, and to ensure that its Personnel comply, with:

– the Company’s health, safety and environmental policies and associated standards applicable from time to time (a copy of which has been provided to the Supplier) (HSE Policies and Standards).

– all relevant health, safety and environmental legislation and laws in force from time to time

3. HSE Plan

-Submit proposed health, safety and environmental management plan(s) (HSE Management Plan(s)) in accordance with the HSE Policies and Standards, for review by the QHSE officer.

– The QHSE officer will review the proposed HSE Management Plan(s) and provide the Supplier with any request for amendments.

4. The Supplier and its Personnel may not commence work on-Site unless and until the HSE Management Plan(s) and any requested amendments to it have been approved by the QHSE officer.

5. The QHSE officer may at any time direct the Supplier to amend the approved HSE Management Plan(s) to adequately reflect any amendments to the HSE Policies and Standards.

6. The Supplier must keep a copy of the approved HSE Management Plan(s) at its onSite office or work area at all times during the Term.

7. Each of the Supplier’s Personnel must attend all appropriate and relevant induction courses required by the Company (Company Induction Courses).

8. Where, pursuant to the operating rules for specific areas of the Company, any of the Supplier’s Personnel are required to have specific skills for the performance of the Services.

9. Notwithstanding any other term of the Contract, in the event of any breach of any HSE requirements, the Company may:

– require the Supplier, Supplier’s Personnel and/or any other person to leave the Site immediately;

– require the Supplier and/or any of its Personnel to remove any material or substance from the Site at the Supplier’s cost, and the Supplier must, at its own cost, ensure such request is immediately complied with and take all possible action to ensure the protection and safety of all works, personnel and the environment.

10. Supplier must conduct quality JHAs for all tasks that are non-routine or where there is a risk to personnel or damage to property or the environment.

11. Supplier shall provide a safe work area free from recognized hazards, shall use due care to prevent damage to property materials and equipment, and shall comply with all applicable federal, state, and local environmental, health and safety (EHS) laws, regulations and standards. Supplier shall restore to original condition any damaged property, materials and equipment.

12. Supplier shall remain responsible for the safety of its employees, as well as be responsible for any harm or damage resulting from any safety hazards or environmental contamination the Supplier introduces onto any property owned or controlled by our company.

13. Supplier shall have written guidelines and management practices for enforcement of all safety and health requirements.

14. A written work authorization is required in the premises of our company.

15. The Supplier ensures that all the waste originated is sorted according to its types and deposited in appropriate containers so as to prevent its leakage and a threat to the environment.

16. When handling waste produced when carrying out the work, the Supplier undertakes to follow the legislative regulations. In the case of scrap metal, the Supplier shall ensure its cutting, separation and the imposition at the place designated by our company.

17. All the necessary insurances shall be available with suppliers including Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability Insurance.

18. If the Supplier breaches any term of the Contract, the Company may serve a notice of default (Supplier Default Notice).

19. The Supplier undertakes and agrees: to hold in strict confidence all Confidential Information and not to disclose or permit or cause the Confidential Information to be disclosed to any person other than any of its Personnel who require the Confidential Information for the purposes of providing the Services; and not to make use of the Confidential Information (including duplicating, reproducing, distributing, disseminating or directly or indirectly deriving information from the Confidential Information), except and solely to the extent necessary for the performance of the Services.

20. The Supplier has internally assessed the business impact that can arise from adverse
situations, scenarios and have established internal controls to continue business operations in those situations and scenarios.

21. The Supplier will fulfil all service commitments, material supply commitment, delivery commitments as agreed with Tahaluf during the adverse situations and scenarios which may impact Tahaluf’s business operations.