How will transportation evolve in the future?

Published on | April 6, 2022
Transport innovation has been quite notable, and our mobility is set to undergo a significant transformation in the near future. Take a look at some of the trends in transportation predicted for the upcoming decade:  
  • Autonomous aerial vehicles (AAVs)

  An autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) is an aircraft that flies under the control of automatic systems without intervention from a human pilot. They are autonomous human-carrying drones designed for transporting passengers. So what does the future hold when it comes to AAVs? Will public transportation take to the skies?  Experts believe it is doable. According to Richard Reina, Product Training Director at CARiD “The future of vehicle transportation is autonomous driving and electric vehicles (EVs) both of which have been touted over the past few years. While EVs have been integrated into society we are still waiting for autonomous vehicles, which have run into a few speed bumps recently. Autonomous driving is still being tested as there are many safety concerns, and the general public is warier about the technology. Nonetheless, the car of the future will be more like riding in a private bus or train car with lots of opportunity for different kinds of customization.”  
  • Hoverbikes

  A hoverbike is a vehicle that can hover. It resembles a flying motorbike, with two propulsive portions—one in front of and one behind the driver. Late last year, A.L.I. Technologies, a Japan-based startup, has unveiled its hoverbike, which it envisions as the future of transportation. It is sold for $680,000  and can fly at 62 Mph. It won’t be long before we see flying motorbikes!  
  • Self-driving taxis

  Self-driving taxis are already on the road today in cities like Las Vegas, where ride-sharing company Lyft offers autonomous rides for a fare in their fleet of 30 ‘Aptiv’ vehicles. Driverless taxis are also available in China. A firm AutoX, backed by Alibaba, has started offering a free taxi service using autonomous driving cars in Shanghai.  
  • The hyperloop

  Elon Musk first envisioned the idea of the hyperloop in 2012. Hyperloop is an ultra-high-speed public transportation system in which passengers travel in autonomous electric pods at 600+ miles per hour through tubes over long distances. Virgin Hyperloop carried its first humans in a test run in late 2020. Experts believe it will take a decade before the hyperloop is ready for prime time.   At Tahaluf, we keep you updated with the latest trends in technology cybersecurity, and A.I. solutions. Would you like to set up a business meeting with our team?