Tahaluf’s CEO discusses the future of IT post-pandemic

The past year has been a whirlwind of activities at Tahaluf Al Emarat, where we participated in events, launched new products, and organized new training courses.

Our activities and engagement with the community have attracted the media, where we were asked to chime in on the latest trends in IT, cybersecurity, and the post-COVID economy.

In an interview with Arabian Business magazine, the CEO of Tahaluf Al Emarat, Yahia Alhami, pointed out that the pandemic has been a boon for the global IT industry.

“The economy after COVID-19 will be a big IT market; everything that we were unable to digitize before now will become fully digital as we see now even higher rates of adoption for distance learning and even for distance medical services,” Yahia Alhami told Arabian Business.

“The mindset has changed, and the globe is tuned for more doses of digitalization,” he added.


Future Trends

Asked about future trends, Alhami said the future would be more geared towards new technology and automation for many global IT products and service providers.

“For example, within ten years from now, internet service providers will be global via satellite, which will be adopted rapidly.”

Alhami believes the banking sector is about to get through a digital revolution.“With automated KYC, the banking sector will be fully digitalized, which will make the competition even harder between local and international service providers.”

Alhami has a message for IT leaders: “To be ready for this, we advise all businesses to equip themselves with the proper tools and tactics to assure their readiness. Digitalization and automation will, of course, only help to reduce cost, provide better service, and even higher customer satisfaction.”


Cybersecurity and IT solutions

Tahaluf’s CEO also appeared on CNBC Arabia Tech Talk show, in which he emphasized the need for businesses to bolster their cybersecurity programs.

Alhami explained that Tahaluf had developed advanced software solutions for both the government and private sectors, including the transportation, education, and the medical fields. According to Alhami, Tahaluf's portfolio in the local market amounts to 25 million dollars with plans to expand regionally and internationally.

Alhami also shed light on Tahaluf’s “Maestro,” a unique low-code\no-code business process management platform designed to simplify and automate time-consuming, repetitive business processes to reduce costs and improve business agility.


Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), Alhami pointed out that Tahaluf has incorporated AI in most of their IT solutions, including government transactions and transportation.

He also pointed out that the pandemic has increased the need for digitization, which prompted Tahaluf to expand to meet these needs and get involved in new sectors.

Asked about Tahaluf’s future, Alhami pointed out they plan to expand to new sectors like retail. “We also plan to increase the revenue coming from local and regional markets,” he pointed out.