Tahaluf launches an electronic payment platform in Mauritania

During the ceremony, a number of executives of Tahaluf Al Emarat for Technical Solutions present the project features and the added value of "Amwali" to the Mauritanian market, Where the Director of Business Development and Innovation at Tahaluf Al Emarat Eng. Chighaly Jaavar indicated in his speech “This project aims to provide a technical integration with all government agencies that intended to provide their services electronically, starting from creating a service request, the payment process and ending with receiving outputs”, He adds that “the role of the Tahaluf is to support the Central Bank's strategy and the Mauritanian in the digital transformation and accelerating the provision of E-Payment services to the citizens and residents of Mauritania”, and he ensures that “the project took several years to work on, of meetings and preparation, stressing that this step comes to complete not to compete and all Tahaluf efforts are to create an environment conducive to improving services in the Mauritanian market, and then everyone will benefit”.

Where Mr. Hamed Salem Al-Alawi, Director of Public Relations for Tahaluf Al Emarat, stated that “Mauritania is our second country, with which we have many relations established by the founding leader of UAE, His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan”, Al-Alawi also added, “I present on behalf of Tahaluf Al Emarat for Technical Solutions, to offer all our services, and technical capabilities and artificial intelligence applications at your service to develop more and more of projects, for the benefit and service of Mauritania and Mauritanian people.”

Meanwhile, Eng. Ala Jaber Al Alawneh, Director of the Pre-Sales Department at Tahaluf Al Emarat Company, presents the features of “Amwali”, stating that “Amwali” is an E-payment application with advanced financial technology to process payments for any kind of online services or selling products, as it contains It many features with full automation of settlements and distribution”, he also added, "The Application is designed to easily integrate with other systems and can be customized according to business needs, and it also uses third-party technologies and advanced artificial intelligence models."

Moreover, he indicated that “Amwali” is built in accordance with the highest standards which depend on technological advances, thereby reflecting best practices in order to prevent money laundering, and protect the privacy of users,” Also, he said “it will enable Mauritanians in the diaspora to pay public service fees for themselves or their families, by supporting all international credit cards, and “Amwalii” carries the advantage of global e-commerce and enabling Mauritanians inside to shop through international stores.” Finally, Mr. Al-awneh said that “the application supports the integration with all E-government services or developing its interfaces to complete the payment of service fees to the public treasury.”

Meanwhile, Eng. Qasem Al Syouf, Applications Support Director presents the technical details of the “Amwali” application, ensuring that “Tahaluf Al-Emarat Company always seeks to provide the best services to customers, and its focus on the quality of technical support and operation, through work teams distributed tasks, and with a call center and customer service support team, who specialized in operating systems and systems control, and a team specialized in controlling the quality of services, and therefore there is a keenness to adhere to high-level international standards.”

In the same context, he ensured that “Tahaluf Al-Emarat for Technology Solutions Company operates according to a philosophy whose goal is to exceed customer satisfaction in order to reach their happiness and achieve entrepreneurship in providing services. Also, Tahaluf is currently working to establish a call center with the best international standards to answer users’ calls and respond to all their inquiries with 24/7 availability through various service channels.”

He also said that ‘’Tahaluf Al Emarat has obtained the international ISO certificate (20000-1), and it is one of the few companies in the field of technology in the Middle East to obtain this certificate’’. Eng. Al-Syouf also explained that ‘’this E-payment gate electronic offered by Tahaluf Al-Emarat offers to the Mauritanian market multiple benefits, most notably the security through compliance with PCI DSS standards for a safe and reliable payment process while protecting users from any misuse or fraud attempts, in addition to quality and governance.”

Finally, He concluded by emphasizing that ‘’the app offers a great user experience through a seamless checkout process and quick checkout process for returning customers, with a faster refund process for end users, with easy and fast distribution to the concerned authorities.’’