Tahaluf IoT products at GISEC

As part of Tahaluf Al Emarat participation in GISEC in April 2019, we showcased our IoT products and solutions during the three days of the biggest cyber-security exhibitions in the region.

Tahaluf Smart Case: Is one of the innovative assets that can be integrated within Tahaluf IoT platform. It comes equipped with state-of-the-art technologies enabling continues control, tracking and management of Smart Case to help monitor valuable contents transfer and status.



Early Alarm Button: Adds an additional layer of security control over public events or fixed assets (e.g. Universities, banks) with full integration across video surveillance and distrusted wireless sensors that can detect abnormalities and trigger a warning, or through distributed smart devices connected to central hub management systems.



IoT Smart Vehicle: The integration of vehicles with Tahaluf IoT platform provides a comprehensive security system to monitor and manage high value goods or Hazardous vehicles. With automated emergency response depending on content and situation, ability to control the vehicle start and disabling it, comprehensive monitoring of live feed and two-way audio/video communication.



At Tahaluf, we build our unique IoT platform with focus on security and automated remote management of assets, providing the ability to integrate with several layers including business automation layers. Which provides the functionality to cascade notifications, alerts, and valuable data about different assets based on simplified configuration, notifications management, and security scenario wizards.