Tahaluf Interactive Wall at GISEC

One of the important sections at our booth in GISEC this year was the interactive wall where we showcased: eChannels Services, Amwal Payment Gateway, AI and Big Data.

eChannels: Is a web-based application that requires only a web browser with an internet connection to access and use the services through any device. It is a state-of-the-art platform that facilitates rapid processing of visa, residency, establishment, and citizenship services with fully integrated services with back-end systems.

Amwal Payment Gateway: Is an advanced gateway for processing payments online for any type of online service or product sale.

AI & Big Data solutions: Provides our clients with a smart search engine that can read data instantly with a high level of accuracy and high performance, apply searching scenarios, and dynamically predict anomalies and risks. This search engine classifies multiple big data sources into customized tags that retrieve results in a few seconds using data analytics, machine learning, and deep learning.