Tahaluf Al Emarat Participates in Passenger Terminal Expo 2023

Where a high-level team of experts represented Tahaluf at the conference by showcasing our cutting-edge products and solutions related to this field, such as airport gates, passport issuance and renewal solutions, biometrics security, and other related solutions to increase the well-being and safety of airports.

The participation of our team in such an event comes to showcase the most important technologies and solutions developed by Tahaluf in a specialized manner as a strategic step for global expansion in all industries, as the number of visitors interested in this industry is estimated to be more than 10,000 annually based on official numbers issued by the conference organizers.

The Passenger Terminal Expo 2023 conference is an exceptional opportunity that attracted more than 1,900 visitors from seniors airport, airlines, aviation authorities, government, and related business executives, and relevant investors from all over the world, with the aim of collecting information, addressing challenges, exchanging ideas, and building future relationships to provide best solutions and practices in the field.

In conclusion, the participation of Tahaluf Al Emarat in Passenger Terminal Expo 2023 was a successful endeavor that allowed the company to display its advanced products and solutions and interact with customers, investors, and visitors alike.