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We provide the latest state-of-the-art solutions and services to keep businesses secure and at the forefront of the future

IoT & AI Solutions

Tahaluf makes our lives easier and more accessible by combining artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Our IoT & AI platform offers a wide range of services in many different fields, providing you with the tools and solutions you require to keep up with today’s modern world and bring the distant future closer than you can ever imagine.

Transportation Solutions

Our integrated digital solutions are an integral part of enabling the digital transformation of road management, providing a platform for road authorities to reinvent the way in which they operate road networks with the latest intelligent systems that consist of information technology, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, and big data.

Low-Code No-Code Solutions

Unlock the full potential of digital transformation with our innovative low-code, no-code solution. Our user-friendly drag-and-drop app development platform is the ultimate choice for businesses, individual developers, and citizen developers. With our solution, you’ll be able to simplify the app development process and bring your ideas to life fastly.   __PRESENT

Immigration & Law Enforcements Solutions

Our strategic partners in the security sectors’ needs are our main priority and to keep their requirements met, we always strive to find effective security solutions to help them fulfill their work more effectively. We coordinate and support them by providing smart platforms and security systems that will maximize and raise the efficiency and readiness of security at ports and borders.

Digital Transformation Solutions

In order to keep pace with the competitive nature of the digital business world, we at Tahaluf are always applying the best practices and putting them to use in order to improve business in general and keep up with the advancements of modern technology. We keep our edge by developing high-value products that provide a complete view of the digital transformation process and achieve a competitive advantage.      

Education Solutions

In our mission to always keep up with the advancements of education and improve the quietly of educational services, as to our belief of its significance, we at Tahaluf have worked on implanting the very best IT solutions when it comes to such an important matter as education, our solutions are designed to be able to break any barrier that comes between a learner and their goal.

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